Exhibition space to rent.

A perfect space for those who would like to show their work in a different place than conventional galleries.


Space for Rent

If interested, please view details below and contact us for availability. EL TALLER’s experience makes planning of a successful meeting a breeze.

Basic Information

Name:  Galería EL TALLER

Address:  3F Daimyo11511 Bldg., 1-15-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0041

Tel:  +81 (0)92-762-4100

Email:  taller@tiempo.jp

URL:  eltaller.tiempo.jp

Operated by NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano

Hours of Operation:
  Monday to Friday: 12:00 - 21:00 / Weekend and Natinal holidays: 11:00 - 18:00

Closed:  No regular closing days. *based on the annual schedule of Tiempo Iberoamericano.

Facilities:  Art Gallery space (Exhibition space) - Patio - Café restaurante (5F)

Equipment:  Audio and lighting system, projector, picture rails, shelves for exhibition

Rental Fees

¥27,500 per week
¥44,000 per 2 weeks
* including consumption tax 10%
* The period of time for renting includes set-up and pick-up/clean-up dates.

Method of payment

• Pay half of total rental charge as a deposit at the time of booking.
• The rest of the rental fee is due 2 months before the exhibition is schedules.
• If the rental fee is not paid in full within this certain period of time, your reservation for renting will be canceled automatically.
• If Renter cancels exhibition within 2 months before the exhibition starts, the deposit will not be returned.

Directions for use and Rules

• How to apply
Fill out the application form. Bring it in person or email it with your art materials such as photos, samples, and simple introduction of your artworks. We will contact you after examination.
• Conditions
Those who are able to sympathize and collaborate with the concept and the atmosphere of the gallery.
Those who are able to provide artworks and come for meetings.
• Term
unit: 1 week (from Thursday to the next Thursday.)
• Delivery / Set-up
Thursday 14:00 to 18:00 
• Pick-Up / Clean-Up
12:00 - 14:00 on the next Thursday
* No parking space
Please contact us if you wish other than the above days and times.
• Sale for exhibits
1. We take 20% of the selling price as sales commission.
2. Submit a list of specified titles, numbers, and prices of each artwork, and put price tags on each artwork.
3. Please prepare packing or wrapping materials in advance.
• Maintenance and charge
The Renter accepts all responsibility for maintenance of artworks.
The gallery doesn't take on any responsibility for loss of or Damage to artworks caused by disasters, robberies, or unexpected accidents.Any damage to the inside walls or equipment of the gallery will be the responsibility of the Renter. The damaged property and facilities must be restored at the Renter's expense to the condition in which they were found at the beginning of the rental period.
• Announcement for exhibitions
We make an announcement on our website and in “ Que Pasa”, the monthly booklet published by Tiempo Iberoamericano.
We put posters at the entrance of the gallery and on the bulletin board at Tiempo Iberoamericano.
• Postcard
Prepare postcards by yourselves. The postcards must include the gallerys logo and the map.
Before printing, let us check out if the information on them is correct.
We can make postcards for you in the case of simple design.
We put your postcards at Tiempo Iberoamericano and Cafe Restaurante SANCHO PANZA (5F).
• Opening party
We can arrange opening party based on your budget at the patio. If you are Interested in having an opening party, please ask staff at the time of applying.
• Other services
1. Installation & Carrying out: ¥21,600
2. Available equipment: If you need some equipment such as frames, lightings, wires, and so on, please feel free to ask our staff.
3. Projector: During exhibition, it is possible to use a projector and show your pictures or images (but with the volume turned off) .
¥4,320 / week (2 hours per day).
• Other Information
1. Smoking in the gallery is not permitted. Bringing food and beverages to the gallery is not allowed.
2. You can give lectures or workshops on your artworks.
3. Between the 3rd and 5th floor, we have a patio which is available to exhibit works. Keep in mind that it is not completely isolated, So the works must withstand the weather (whether rain, air, sun, etc.).
The maintenance of the works in this space will be the responsibility of the artists.
For more Information, ask the person in charge.