Future Exhibitions



Photo exhibition: "Mist, lightning, water moon"

  August 12 (Fri.) to August 17 (Wed.), 2022  [Free admission]


Message from the artists:
"It is a photographic exhibition of two graduates of the Faculty of Arts of Kyushu Sangyo University.
It is a work in which you can feel the flicker that is near and far, and that you can touch but you cannot touch.
We look forward to your visit."

Akane Toyonaga

Erina Wada

Landscape of "tranquility" and "Freshness"

  April 29 (Fri.) to May 4 (Wed.), 2022  [Free admission]


Message from the artist:
"I like to see and draw landscapes, and I have used it as the theme of my works. While drawing different landscapes, you can feel its beauty, mystery of nature in a big way that spreads out in front of us.
I always try to express the "universe" that I feel from the landscape with my paintings.
I feel that seeing and drawing natural landscapes has the power to relieve the tiredness and suffering of the heart.
We hope that this exhibition will be a space where viewers can feel peace and tranquility."

Ryosuke Ozono

Born in 1986, from Aichi Prefecture.
2010 Graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design.

Exhibition: "Art as co-nnector"

  February 20 (Sun.) to March 3 (Thr.), 2022  [Free admission]


Message from the artists:
"The spread of the coronavirus has weakened our connections with people, but this event has made us more aware of the impact and importance of our connections with someone.
While the importance of connecting with people is reaffirmed, we hope to be able to interact with multiple people using our own technology and knowledge, and the power of works that connect people. This exhibition "Art as a connector" reminded me of myself.
We hope this exhibition is an opportunity for our work to create new connections. "


Eisuke Nakamura

Born in Fukuoka.
He graduated from Kogakukan.
He is currently studying at the Shibaura Institute of Technology.
He mainly takes landscape photography with photographs.
He also designs signs.


Kenichiro Takahashi

Born in Fukuoka.
He graduated from Kogakukan.
He dropped out of the Kyushu Sangyo University.
He mainly makes landscape paintings using computer graphics.
He also does 3DCG work and tape covers as a hobby.

Exhibition: "Amigo de Macchiato"

  December 9 (Thr.) to 15 (Wed.), 2021  [Free admission]


A collaboration of paintings by QULOKAN company president Tsutomu Kuroo and fabric by Miwa Co., Ltd. director Takako Hatashima.

Exhibition: "Nightfall"

  September 25 (Sat.) to October 16 (Sat.), 2021  [Free admission]


Naomi Uto

Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1994
2019 Graduated from Aichi University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting

Sawako Miura
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1996
2019 Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Master's Program in Oil Painting and Prints

Kyushu Sangyo University "Summer"

  August 20 (Fri.) to 27 (Fri.), 2021.  [Free admission]


Under the theme of "summer", the members of the photography club created their works based on photography with their own ideas.
The photography club holds exhibitions four times a year on campus and is visited by many people.

Abe Natsumi "Kobo no saki"

  August 6 (Fri.) to 18 (Wed.), 2021.  [Free admission]


At the age of 19 Abe Natsumi fulfilled her dream of holding a solo exhibition in Tokyo. Then when she thought about perfecting his work further, she met Natsunagi. She was moved by the photos of Natsunagi, so she has invited her to hold this exhibition together in Fukuoka.

Artist: Abe Natsumi
Born on July 17, 2000 in Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
She belongs at Kurume Institute of Technology.

Nanako Nishiyama "Nana"

  July 8 (Thu.) to 15 (Thu.), 2021.  [Free admission]


It's an exhibition of digital paintings drawn using smartphones and tablets and acrylic paintings drawn using acrylic paint on canvas.
Please come and experience the world of art of Yasuko Nishiyama.

Artist: Nanako Nishiyama
Born on July 17, 2000 in Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
She belongs at Kurume Institute of Technology.


  May 13 (Sat.) to 20 (Thr.), 2021.  [Free admission]


Born on May 22, 2001 in Kagoshima and currently resides in Fukuoka.
He belongs at Nippon Designers school.

Ugou no shu

  April 1 (Thr.) to 8 (Thr.), 2021.  [Free admission]


   - Ryo Saito
   - Kota Abe
   - Miku Tagawa
   - Shunsuke Tagawa
   - Touko Nakamura
   - Mio Matsue
   - Hanamoto
   - Shiryu Kiyosuke
   - Chisaki Yamaguchi
   - No.
   - Yuki Fujimoto

Nature & Artifact/Portrait

  March 20 (Sat.) to 27 (Sat.), 2021.  [Free admission]




Nobuhiro Saeki


  November 6 (Fri.) to 12 (Thu.), 2020.  [Free admission]


   - Ahito Narishima
   - Yuuna Masuda
   - Meme Kinoshita
   - Kotobuki
   - Fuyuka Shirozumi
   - Tsubasa
   - shiNo
   - Suzu Saitou

Calligraphy Exhibition: Yuki Higuchi

  September 25 (Fri.) to October. 1 (Thu.), 2020.  [Free admission]


Photos: doors and windows

  June 11 (Thu.) to July 31 (Fri.), 2020.  [Free admission]


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